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The type of activity really doesn't matter because the point of these relationships is that the time spent together is what is most enjoyable.

Studies show that if you have five or more friends with whom to discuss an important matter you’re far more likely to describe yourself as “very happy.” Not only does having strong relationships make it far more likely that you take joy in life, but studies show that it also lengthens life (incredibly, even more than stopping smoking), boosts immunity, and cuts the risk of depression. One of the biggest obstacles to keeping friendships going is It takes time to email, to call, to make plans, to send holiday cards, to remember birthdays. Some people argue that technology hurts friendships, because it encourages people to stay tapping behind a computer screen rather than see people face-to-face. Meeting in a group is efficient, because you see a lot of people at once; it also means you’re creating a social network, not just a one-off friendship. Think about what level and type of social activity brings you happiness, then make the effort to make it happen. I have several friends whose spouses I’ve never met.

It can be challenging to make the first overtures of friendship (here are some tips for being likable). At the extreme, this is a bad thing, but for me, at least, technology lets me keep in touch with more friends in a wildly more efficient way. It’s a lot easier to maintain friendships with people if you have several friends in common. I have online friends whom I’ve never met face-to-face.

The line came from a series of Budweiser commercials in 1995 that showed a guy angling to get someone's beer. He's not afraid of showing his best pal Turk how much he loves him. That’s all it is."Perhaps the best thing about a bromance is that the men involved tend to be very secure with themselves, and in touch with their emotions.

He would dramatically cry, "I love you, man" as a ruse to get the drink, but the line stuck in society and helped usher in the "bromance" movement. This helps them have more complete friendships with other guys, and also helps them relate to the women in their life.

Don't feel hurt if he and his friend want a guy's night without you.

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