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Anyway, over the next days I will plan to read through as many as I can in this massive archive, perhaps searching for funny keywords to ensure I find the best ones, and post them on this website in the first real update in maybe a decade.

-J One of my favourite blogs on the internet is PWSNT - a resource for showcasing those who post racial slurs in public on Facebook/Twitter etc.

-J Can you believe some stupid furry paid for this crappy mspaint drawing?

You're either a Furry, in which case you'll want to go to the Contact page so you can learn how to complain about this site.

Or, you know nothing about Furries or what they are, so you should head to the About Furries page.

Like this one for 'Female': Like many online communities, the number of female members of the furry fandom is significantly lower than the number of males. Many are artists, and others participate in multiplayer worlds.

However, it is still a truism in places like Furry MUCK that "the guys are guys, and the girls are, too." - not entirely true, but close to it.

It has been mentioned in awful self-published books, as well as too many angry blogs written by nerds to count, the ancient dating site for overweight bohemians OKCupid, on TV shows, on radio, and in September 2006 a magazine called Computer Gaming World stole most of the website and re-printed it in their magazine verbatim without credit.