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In 2010, Authentic joined Endemol, a worldwide leader in multi-platform entertainment programming. Nerd Nite- Austin events take place on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of every month.A few of the nine eccentric bachelors and bachelorettes include: Alex, a board game king and a devout “Bronie” (male fan of “My Little Pony”) who keeps finding himself stuck in the friend zone; Casey Ann, who has been a Zelda-loving gamer since the age of two and describes herself as part Geek, part Girl; and Brittany, a Kindergarten teacher by day and Geek by night looking for the perfect gamer to grow old with.

The policy argument being made here essentially boils down to: ISPs need to fatten their pipes, because we at Google can only do so much.

It’s a familiar refrain form a company that seems increasingly annoyed by the lack of vision and gung-ho enthusiasm they find in their partners.

This is a luxury Google enjoys because it is a modern superpower — there is no company in the world that can do without Google better than Google can do without them.

With that thinking Google launched awareness campaigns against low-quality internet infrastructure in North America — and when those weren’t successful enough, the company started up Google Fiber to address the issue directly.

," Toddlers & Tiaras," "Here Comes honey Boo Boo," "The Best Thing I Ever Made," "Auction Kings," among others.