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If you're bummed your name did not make either list, it might still have some sexy characteristics: The survey found that Latin and French names scored particularly well, as did male names ending in "o" and female names ending in "a." And names featuring double letters scored better than their single-letter counterparts (Adriana vs.

Adrianna), the website's founder tells Live Science.

The rest of the top 10 for the ladies: Nicolette, Natalia, Anaïs, Paulina, Alessandra, Chanel, Soraya, Adrianna, and Giuliana.

And for the guys: Lorenzo, Rhett, Romeo, Mateo, Dimitri, Dane, Marcelo, Dante, and Rémy.

– If you're looking to attract a mate and your name happens to be Scarlett or Alessandro, you're already in good shape.