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Send him this article or read it together, and discuss which of the strategies you’d feel comfortable trying.

Text and email can be one of the easiest places to start, especially if you’re shy.

You might find it a little trickier to talk about sex when you’re looking each other in the face.

Nonetheless, it’s probably the most exciting way to maintain your sex life when you’re apart.

Plus it frees up your hands to do other things in the moment!

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    Hot air is substantially less efficient in a thermal transfer medium as compared to steam.

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    Online dating has grown in popularity to the point where there is almost no social stigma attached to it.

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    It all started because my Amazon Prime wasn't working. Now, when I push the Smart Hub button, nothing happens! After several support calls to Samsung, finally found out that Samsung no longer has a Amazon app for tv's made/sold before 2012 (ours is a 2011 model).

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    You post your photo, write a paragraph or more about yourself, and/or complete their questionnaire.