dating dead men book - Government mandating digital television information

In July 1997 the ABA responded to the Specialist Group's report with its Paper, Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (pdf file), which recommended to the Government that it support the early introduction of digital television into Australia.

It considered that it should be a free-to-air service rather than a form of pay TV and it endorsed the loan of a 7MHz channel to each of the ABC, SBS and the three commercial networks, as this would enable the introduction of high definition television from the outset.

In broad summary, these provisions ensured that datacasting licensees would not broadcast matter that would be equivalent to a television news, drama, sports, documentary, lifestyle or entertainment program, or a commercial radio program.

They were allowed to transmit extracts of TV programs, so long as they were no longer than 10 minutes and not strung together so as to constitute a single program.

This form of definition was required because the market for datacasting services had not yet developed and the precise nature and scope of the services was unknown.