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Click for more info Title Header Catch Phrase Narrative Description Caliber: -_- Brand: -_- Model: -_- Feed Type: -_- Capacity: -_- Action Type: -_- Condition or Percentage: -_- Serial Number: -_- B ... Click for more info For sale, an antique H&R revolver called "The American Double Action" chambered for the .38 S&W cartridge. Click for more info Description: This has to be one of the smallest 22 short rimfire revolvers ever made as standard production! This little revolver has retained 95-97% of the original nickel finish with ...Click for more info S# 4474, 32 short rimfire, 2 1/2 inch barrel, very good bore with strong rifling and areas of erosion. This small revolver was an inexpensive pistol designed and manufactur ... Click for more info Serial #7656, .25 ACP, 2” barrel with a very good plus bore that has mild freckling within the grooves.barrel, marked with two patent date 10-04-87 and 12-25-88 (only revolver to use this date), rare. 1889-1890..32 S&W or .38 S&W cal., 5 (.38 S&W cal.) or 6 (.32 S&W cal.) shot, new frame shape and new hard rubber grip panels with target logo, nickel or blue finish, 2½ (rare), 3¼ (standard), 4, 5, or 6 in.

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This first model Bull Dog was built from 1888 to 1904 and it remains in very good condition with ... Click for more info H&R YOUNG AMERICAN IN VERY GOOD CONDITION THE NICKEL PLATEING IS SOLID, FACTORY SIGHT AND GRIPS ARE VERY GOOD. This Webley-designed pistol retains 97-98% of the original, lustrous blue finish with some very ... Click for more info S# 8864, 22 short, 2 inch barrel, bright excellent bore.

Click for more info Harrington & Richardson Young America Model .22 LR DA/SA Revolver with 2 in. Built in the early 1900s, this Young America retains ~90% of its nickel plate. Click for more info Harrington & Richardson Break Top .38 S&W caliber revolver. Click for more info USED H&R Pistol OLD .38 "The American Double Action"revolver. appears to be unfired but had some pitting on frame and cylinder. This little revolver was built from 1898 to 1904 and it remains in very good condition with about 90% nickel finish, 85% blue on trigger guard ... Action is slightly defective, works okay but cylinder does ...

I'm not exactly sure of the relationship between NEF and H&R as in whether they just bought the tooling from and H&R after they went under or whether they took over the complete operation, including the books. It gives dates of production on a couple H&R handguns.

Harrington and Richardson USRA Single Shot Pistol 22LR 10” barrel- This pistol is a Harrington and Richardson Model USRA single shot made between 19. Click for more info Made in Worster Ma, 9 shot 22 special model, break top gun, not easy to find for collector, and this is 98% blue all original, Exc grips, and mechanics. Click for more info A Worster gun with Roper made factory grips, that you don't see much anymore, 96% original blue, perfect grips, exc bore, 9 shot break top gun, works perfect, very accurate!! Click for more info CONSIGNMENT USED GOOD CONDITION HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON MODEL 926 38 S&W BREAKTOP 5 SHOT 4" BARREL BLUE WALNUT HAS SOME LITE FRECKLEING ON BARREL AND CYLINDER GOOD MECHANICAL SHAPE ... Click for more info Serial #1525, .32 RF, 2” octagon barrel with a fine, bright bore that has a few dark spots in the grooves near the muzzle.

Harrington & Richardson's reputation for excellence became established so firmly, so quickly, that in 1880 the firm was named sole North American licensee for England's Anson & Deely double-barrel hammerless shotgun.