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About Us My School Dance is brought to you by Sunstorm Games, the inventors of the Sunnyville series and the MAKER series of games, Fair Food Maker, Dessert Maker, ICEE Maker and Candy Maker to name just a few.

My School Dance is free to play but in-app purchases are available in the game.

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For instance, choosing a dialogue expressing joy with a straight face may be the correct choice in a certain situation because it represents a deeper level of emotion and thought on the part of the protagonist.

This system allowed the game to simulate a level of complexity resembling actual love relationships, leading to its classification as a dating simulation rather than an adventure game.

Miho Nakayama, a popular actor and singer in Japan during the 1980s, is featured on the game's cover and makes a cameo appearance in the game itself.

Sakamoto, then in his fifth year at Nintendo, was excited at the prospect of making an adventure game, but came up with an idea of using a real life celebrity instead of creating a new character, to make the game feel like an "event" or a "kind of festival".

My School Dance features:*Shopping for lots of different outfits and fashions for each dance *Fun dancing with cute boys*Chat with cute boys at school*See who likes you in your journal and plan nights out*Shop for gifts for your boyfriend*Go with the same guy long enough and you will get presents!

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