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But such growth has not changed the way they view success.

We’re a very, very strong unit; not just the four of us as a band—which is, in essence, the core of the earth in Hedley’s globe—but there are layers and layers and layers of people that we work with.”“We never realized that this is the way that it should be done, it’s just that we’re all family men,” adds Chris.

Starting off as just four guys and one crew member, the Hedley family has grown gradually over the years, now taking more than 23 people on the road with them.

In a world that insists on brands and labels so early on in our lives, separating everyone into distinct categories—punk, prep, rocker, jock—do we miss out on the exploration of what’s beyond those boundaries?

If we become what the world has labelled us, what are we missing?

The world may see a “pop-punk” band selling records by the millions, but they see a family working together towards a common goal.