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This period features high levels of passionate love, characterized by intense feelings of attraction and ecstasy, as well as an idealization of one's partner.

The strong emotions associated with passionate love have physical manifestations, such as butterflies in the stomach or heart palpitations.

During this blissful moment, you're more about pleasing the other person than you are for yourself.

This kind of behavior is fleeting, however, as eventually you'll have disagreements. The honeymoon phase involves lots of what Christopher Columbus would call “Body Exploration.”In the beginning, it's all about jumping each other's bones and then jumping into each other's bed and then jumping each other's pants, and all of this jumping is bound to get exhausting.

Individuals who experience passionate love (typically brought on by pictures or thoughts of the beloved) show greater activation in the caudate nucleus, important in learning and memory, and the ventral tegmental area, central to emotional processing.