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Three disadvantages are the transactions must wait for processing as schedule is predetermined, errors cannot be corrected during processing and sorting transaction data is expensive and time consuming.

Examples of BTP systems include: RTTP is the immediate processing of data.

If the POS terminal immediately processes the transaction data, it minimises the costs of batch handling.

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Two main concerns: Is used to check the entry of transaction data.

Involves procedures to ensure transactions are correct and accurately stored in the database.

The main information processes are collecting and storing.

The four important characteristics of a TPS are: Four important characteristics of a TPS are: Rapid Response Reliability Inflexibility Controlled Processing The components of a TPS include hardware, software and people. Without people the system does not have customers and without customers it does not have a function to perform.

This enables the user to effectively manage his or her time and results in less disruption to the main database.