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And the whole picture is very complicated; yet it is generated by a very simple rule.In each picture, the top row has only one black square.

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Featured prominently in the book is one class of 256 experiments which might be termed the simplest possible cellular automata; they are simpler than the "game of life." Each of these automata acts on a row (i.e., a one-dimensional array) of black and white squares, but we get an interesting two-dimensional picture by stacking the rows -- i.e., the row at time 1, and below it the row at time 2, and below it the row at time 3, etc.

Each picture is generated by an extremely simple rule -- one that could easily occur "by accident" in nature, as it were -- but many of the pictures show incredible ordered complexity.

One formulation of "intelligent design" can be summarized as follows: If (3) turns out to be true, we may or may not someday have proof of it.

(Some people say we already have proof, but I mean proof that is strong enough to convince everyone.) But if (3) turns out to be false, we still will never have definitive proof of it.

This web page is concerned only with showing that (2) is not valid reasoning, and does not constitute a proof of (3).