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He came up with idea to accompany the Indian Yell for the half time cheering.

There were only three Indians in 1947: Gabriel Gasar and the Casal brothers, one of which eventually became a Benedictine monk.

From three Indians since 1947, the membership rose to a minimum of eight in the 90’s.

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This is an indirect offspring of the Wahoos started by both Dartmouth College and the University of Virginia in the 1890s.

The Native Americans were a courageous and defiant people.

Mon Ventoza is the longest serving moderator / instructor of the San Beda College Cheering Association.

A cheerleader himself during his student days in San Beda College, Mon was appointed as instructor of the College's Cheering Squad (1952–1962).

The San Beda Red Lions is the collegiate varsity basketball team of San Beda College that plays in the NCAA.