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Advising Muslim men on the ‘correct way’ to discipline their spouses the sick Saudi doctor spouts about how women should be disciplined with handkerchiefs and toothpicks.

Khaled Al-Saqaby appears in the ‘show’ which is put out on You Tube, which includes ‘dealing with wife beating’.

Adding to the already difficult situation was the wife of a founder whom she did not name in her email.

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The necessary Islamic conditions for beating must be met.“The beating should not be performed with a rod, nor should it be a headband, or a sharp object which, I am sad to say, some husbands use.“It should be done with something like the sewak tooth-cleaning twig or with a handkerchief, because the goal is to merely make the wife feel that she was wrong in the way she treated her husband.”Mr Al-Saqaby adds there are some situations where a wife may hit her husband because of the 'faulty upbringing of some husbands' who may have seen their fathers hit their wives and be 'imitating their behaviour'.

But he went on to call equality ‘a grave problem’ and said some women force beatings.

But, as she told Tech Crunch, she didn’t “move quickly enough.” The wife of the founder asked Horvath out for drinks, which she agreed to.

In her own words: “Of course I agreed, seeing as she was my boss’s wife and I’m always looking to meet women I can look up to.” According to Horvath: “I met her and almost immediately the conversation that I thought was supposed to be casual turned into something very inappropriate.

She began telling me about how she informs her husband’s decision-making at Git Hub, how I better not leave Git Hub and write something bad about them, and how she had been told by her husband that she should intervene with my relationship to be sure I was ‘made very happy’ so that I wouldn’t quit and say something nasty about her husband’s company because ‘he had worked so hard.'” We are awaiting comment from Git Hub regarding these allegations, and Git Hub says it is looking into it.