Irinai dating

I get my light eyes from my mother." She has one sibling, a sister named Tatiana. At age nine she enrolled in a music school and studied there for seven years, both playing the piano and singing in the choir, since her mother wanted her to study music.

but failed it and entered a beauty school with her older sister.

Our actor dating this particular actress was going to be a problem.

Irinai dating

Their romance kind of came out of nowhere and while the public approved, there were people behind the scenes who didn’t.

He is not vocal about it, but the vast majority of his friends are in Scientology.

He hooked up with one of the women and she stayed with him 24/7.

They did this for six months until they were sure everything between our actor and actress was really over.

Irina received international recognition in 2007 when she became the exclusive contracted face of Intimissimi lingerie and made her first appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.