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Her agent was at a wrap party and saw that Daniel and Rachel never touched each other, not even eye contact. Daniel Craig is a full blown gay from what I've heard. He may have wanted to do a project with RDJ or was just feeling competitive against this bigger star. Wow, that is one of the biggest trolls that I have seen here. Lol I wouldn't be surprised if DC visited this thread to see what people think or know, in this case almost everyone thinks that he's gay. I'm sure Barbara Broccoli has that in his contract. He also has a daughter like one previous user said. I thought that that was just a youtube thing or something. Have none of you delusional idiots heard of the News of the World phone hacking scandal?

Apparently RDJ was there and Daniel Craig was very in to him. I like this quote a lot: - Always assume that a rumor is false rather than being true.- R136 I know what I saw. In any case, I am a lesbian and would be more than happy to do Craig or Weisz. The Sun newspaper is getting sued in the UK for tapping Sienna Miller's phone and discovering that while she was allegedly in a relationship with Jude Law, she was in fact fucking Daniel Craig behind Law's back (well, maybe not literally behind his back...)Why is it that every vaguely straight identifying hot actor is actually gay? Supposedly, Daniel Craig kissed RDJ at the producers guild award backstage. And he was very convincing as a horny gay guy in that Love is the Devil movie. We cant know until he comes out or someone else exposes the truth. If the NOTW had picked up any evidence of DC and an interest in men, they would have helpfully passed on those tidbits to the public.

I've read rumors elsewhere that he's gay and mentioned this to my boss, who is a lesbian.

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I didn't say you had to agree you stupid fuck [R38], but acting like a homophobic asshole on a gay gossip forum is not participating.

Or are you just too fucking moronic to grasp that simple fact?

I haven't seen "Skyfall" but a couple of reviews I've seen mention that there's a scene in it where the male villain flirts with Bond and Bond makes some allusion to having had men before.

Maybe this is the gay theme alluded to in one of the earlier posts on this ancient thread?

If you don't want to be here then get the hell Anonymoustreply 40t12/29/2011 @ PM[R40], oooh, such a masculine post.