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The model introduced the "Kiss Me Through The Phone" star on her show and reveal a bit of their flirtatious friendship to their fans when she met up with him for some ice cream and asked him to buy her a puppy.

He tweeted to his critics, "I was focused on the wrong things I had to get back to doing me." He wrote, "Don't be a hater all your life.

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Hollywood Lifers, how do YOU feel about this video of Soulja Boy?

One fan asked how would Nia's father feel when he's sees a meme of Soulja Boy appearing on three different networks with three different women (including his daughter).

Skrill must have been freaked out by Soulja’s video because he took to Twitter and denied having any involvement with Nia. We totally understand jealousy, but violence is never the answer.

And Soulja Boy is currently on probation for a weapons charge, TMZ notes, so it doesn’t seem smart of him to be posting such a video.

The meme read: "Soulja Boy on VH1 with Nia, Oxygen with Diamond and BET with India all in one year." Recently, Soulja's ex-girlfriend, Nia announced that she was single via Twitter and made sure to let her ex know that he's lost a good thing.