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Though Couric said their age difference – she's 54, he's 37 – no longer concerns her as it once did, she isn't entirely sure where their relationship will lead.

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“I think he had puka shells on,” Couric reminisced.

“That was kind of a weird thing.” Stern expressed his surprised that neither man called Couric for a second date.

"I've been ‘cougared,' which was just obnoxious.""But if it's good enough for Demi, right? And like Demi Moore and her much-younger husband Ashton Kutcher, Couric and Perlin couldn't escape photographers' long lenses when they vacationed together recently.

PHOTOS: STARS GO PUBLIC WITH THEIR AFFECTIONThe couple's relaxation time on a Florida beach in January ended up being well-documented."So I was reading the New York Times and I look up and there are six paparazzi," Couric recalled. Seriously, this is just sad.'"Couric also reflected on life without Monahan, telling People, "I miss him.""I wasn't afraid of death," she said.

"He challenges me in ways I wouldn't be challenged otherwise.""Even if we are not on the same page all the time, I like being in his space," she added.