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“I mean, to watch him in a room with another woman…

and at the end of the day he came out and said it was definitely during the time [we were] married.

[CLICK HERE] Taylor Armstrong Leaving Hulk Hogan spoke out about his sex tape scandal for the first time this morning when he told Howard Stern that he had banged his best friend's wife six years ago.

During a visit to Access Hollywood Live on Monday, Linda said she was hurt but not surprised to learn Hulk stepped out on their marriage.

“It really is quite an embarrassment for our family.

[ Linda Hogan was shocked when she realized that family photos and memorabilia were stolen from her El Lay storage unit!

Well Hulk Hogan's ex-wife recently came across some good news and some bad news as she eventually found the precious items! Back in October, Linda Hogan was arrested for DUI, and after a few months passed — she finally went to court and pleaded not guilty!!

It’s not fair for me to say this is real life and you live in my shadow. The now-defunct relationship was a positive distraction for Linda as she worked through the pain of her failed marriage to Hulk. “I have to say, not disregarding our relationship because it was very much a real relationship, but I think that when I met him I was in so much drama and devastation over my divorce that being with him was just such a breath of fresh air and it took my eye off the ball, kind of.