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But yeah, they were both playing and we got to know them through that and we really admired their skills and right when we broke off with our other band mates that we started the band with, Elaine and Brandon kind of had things falling apart as well. From there we got a record deal and a booking agency and it just went on from there. You just had a new album drop in April, I always love hearing about a song that maybe sounds great now, but started in a completely different place.

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Then they’ll bring those demos to us and we’ll put our stamp on it—our little stylistic changes. We wanted to take it a little more seriously because we really pride ourselves on our live shows.

Financial restraint has kept us from being able to put on the show that we want to, so now that we’re able to put on this headline tour with this album, we feel like it’s going to be a little bit bigger than previous ones.

And then also “American Zero”— that one didn’t make the album, but if you buy the album on i Tunes it’s a bonus track—but “American Zero,” everyone went to lunch and I just hung back at the rehearsal space and came up with a little guitar riff and when everyone came back I was like, “Hey guys, I really want to work on this.” We knocked that one out that day too. Tyler will write lyrics and melodies and bring them to us, more of a skeleton of a song already and then we just add our takes on it.

Some of our songs are co-writes between him and our producer, Tim Pagnotta. We really wanted to make a noticeable step-up this time around.

But the production is really big for a 1500-2000 capacity room.