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A clash of two different fashion sense results in something new and different, which incorporates both worlds but is nothing like the individual fused components.Kutowa is also an answer to conundrum, the garments reflect outwardly inner essence of being a child of the New Age – born into a mix of many cultures and traditions.

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You can shop our brand new styles HERE if you wanna skip the full story below (even though it’s a goodie…).

Thirdly, we’ve changed our name to , because DUH it fits us way better at this point, as the line is an extension of all things TBB & what I share with you guys on here. Tynan & I started TBV Apparel as The Blonde Apparel back in 2014 as an extension of my blog and an exciting new way to connect with you guys.

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Zambia’s own Fashion designer Towani Clarke will be showcasing her “Kutowa” design range at the bigger than ever 2016 Africa Fashion Week London.

So, a lot of you who have been following for a long time have been wondering, and asking me… Second of all, we took a little 5-6 month hiatus to figure ourselves out and get back to the root of what our brand was about.