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The narrator introduces information about a “new” type of underage prostitution in Japan.

It is not like traditional prostitution, which usually involved girls working for an adult pimp or brothel owner.

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He interviews her, and she claims that she has only sold herself once, for 10,000 yen to a man who was about 25 or 26-years-old.

She says it is very easy to arrange it through the internet, where there are a wide variety of message boards and dating sites available.

The mere use of the word “compensated” implies the girls seek fun and money, rather than being victims of sexual trafficking, said Nito, who heads a non-profit organisation, Colabo, that provides support to such young women.

“There is a notion the girls are guilty because they willingly sold their bodies,” she said, adding that the phrase “compensated dating” was unique to Japan.

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