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premiered, aka when the hoi polloi first started to care deeply about his love life). We're interested in having our lives be our lives right now and not a third person's vis-a-vis marriage and whatever that means."OK, so at the same time he also sorta predicted that they might not be together forever, but no one was looking for clues in 2008, "I don't necessarily want kids.A lot of our friends are having children and I don't know if it's for me.

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entered our consciousness, Jon Hamm is in need of a date to the Emmys.

The 12-time career nominee (not including producing credits on the AMC series) and partner Jennifer Westfeldt announced on Labor Day that they had split up after 18 years together, the end of an era for yet another one of Hollywood's most enduring couples.

In an interview with Hollywood Life.com, Irene said she and Johnson are "like the same person" and that they get along so well because they have the same "dirty and twisted" sense of humor (whatever that means).

Johnson told Synergistic Productions he and Irene connect over their love of rock music and Irene's "amazing" personality.

The end was of course bittersweet and complicated for Jonny. A., in the wee hours of July 3 last year, and then immediately got on a plane to New York to meet me and our dog, Cora, for dinner with a few close friends and to watch the fireworks, he felt a predominant sense of relief.