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Now, turn off the heat and add the rice/ Now carefully wash the rice and lentils under a cold running tap, draining the water until it’s nearly clear.

Put it back on a high heat with three cups of hot water, bring it to boil with the turmeric and leave uncovered to bubble away on medium for five minutes.

Sørensen said that, in a war, “this is what happens.” Civilians and fighters on both sides, he said, “go through a process of dehumanizing the enemy,” which also quotes his friend as describing the spectacle as "just good fun."Tamar Hermann, professor of Political Science at Tel Aviv University explaining that violence and entertainment have gone together through history."It's not that it must be defended, but it reflects, however, a vision of war that has deep historical roots," says Hermann.

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My friend said it was like Sex and the City, but better and set in a Beirut beauty salon. Throughout the stunningly shot, golden caramel feast, we sobbed into a carton of sweet popcorn.

Mulling over the power of friendships and collective wisdom, even in the most unlikely of settings.

After that, we produced numerous hit shows such as "Itihaas", "Koshish... Ek Aam Ladki Ki Kahani", Kkutumb‘Karma’, ‘Kaaun’, ‘Kanyadaan’, ‘Ghar Ek Mandir’, ‘Bandhan’etc.

catering to the Hindi speaking audience and 'Pavitra Bandham', ‘Kulaa Villaakku’, 'Pasamalargal', Anubandham', 'Itihaasaa' etc. Our golden period began in 2000 with the launch of the three shows on Star Plus, namely, "Kyunkii...

Feeds 4: 200 gm Raw Basmati rice 100 gm Yellow moong dal 1 carrot 2 small new potatoes Handful of peas 1 small onion 2 green finger chillies Half tsp each of turmeric, chilli, cumin and coriander powders 2 bay leaves 2 green cardamoms 1 inch cinnamon Half tsp sugar 1 tbsp ghee Salt to taste Bring a large aluminium pot to heat over a high flame for 30 seconds.