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The hunt is already on for “the new Poldark”, even though the current one is still galloping towards production of its second series.

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FEW things in television drama this year have had as much impact as Aidan Turner’s pectorals.

Aidan’s pecs played such a prominent supporting role in Poldark that Aidan could probably give the rest of himself the night off and just instruct the pecs to go and represent him on The Graham Norton Show.

DH Lawrence’s tale of an illicit affair crossing social boundaries is making a return to our screens this weekend, with Game of Thrones star Richard Madden as groundskeeper Mellors.

It won’t, however, be dropping any jaws this time around, says Madden.

“Hopefully this story is just going to bring a grit to these characters that is real and actually very moving, to see people struggling through life and despite all the odds trying to find beauty and hope.”“It’s a connecting of two souls that are in lots of ways misplaced in this world.