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In Latvia today, women have assumed leading roles in society, among other things the previous state president was a woman.

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We haven’t seen them yet, and we don’t intend to.’ Although he concedes that they had to pay a very large sum at their hotel, X-Dream, to get a stripper to perform and do a ‘special dance’ for the groom-to-be, he adds frankly: ‘We didn’t mind.

It’s just sort of thing you do on a stag party but it cost a lot.’ There have been countless occasions where such women have befriended men and encouraged them to buy them cocktails at £80 a shot.

In my bleaker moments, I’ve considered setting up a National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Husbands, but then, they probably wouldn’t be let out of the house to attend meetings.

The problem with Latvian women, if I may be so bold, is that they believe their own hype – this ridiculous notion that, somehow, they are god’s gift to men.

It was from a Scandinavian girl wondering what it’s like to date a Latvian man.

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    According to the website’s insider, it wasn’t just fame Dassuncao yearned for that made Cohen decide to dump him.