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Making indie movies is definitely an uphill climb for sure.

was produced by women, the short was shot by women, directed, written by women.

continutes her story as she embraces a life without fear. And I feel like this legislation being passed in places like Mississippi, there is a deficiency of dialogue.

With hilarious mishaps, the heartwarming 10-episode series gives Faith the happy ending she deserves. Conversations and people getting out there and the support from the entertainment business hopefully will have some reverberation. What is it like being able to tell a story that shows inclusion in both sexuality and religion?

And to be able to tell a story about one person’s relationship to God and their relationship to love and discovering that those two things are not at odds, that love is something beautiful in the eyes of God and not something that is condemned in your heart, is a revelation. It’s a story about the love someone has for God and the love they have for a human being and how those things are not at odds. I definitely in my personal life feel like a fish out of water a lot. It’s interesting that the concept of naivety is the idea that any circumstance can be hopeful.