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Check the video below to see if you can find the exact moment when ish got real.

Source:Love on the set Fishburne met his first wife, Hajna Moss, (pictured above) on the set of the movie.

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Source: bigmediavandal.Moms is Not Feeling It Tisha’s mother Mona Campbell, who also served as her manager, advised Tisha not to take the role of Jane Toussaint.

But Tisha and her mother share a close relationship and her mother has said that she never actually made decisions for her daughter, she just shared her opinion. Her mom was able to see later that it paid off, calling the role a good vehicle to propel her singing career.

This is the lead sentence from her review of the film: FROM the intimate, funny sexual battleground on which Spike Lee’s She went on to dismiss the film as “sophomoric.”Reading the full review, it’s easy to see that Janet probably just didn’t know enough about black life and culture to understand the film’s gravity and treatment of serious topics.

Lee, never one to remain silent, made sure to make that fact known.

, and Columbia studios entrusted him with $6 million for this one.