Living with parents and dating

Sure, sexy time might take place just 20 feet away from his sleeping parents, but when it comes to the fine art of secrecy, dating a guy who still lives with his parents is the closest you'll come to dating a ninja.4.

Indirect access to an extensive DVD, music and book collection.

Remember, any job that you take you'll still be learning it.

What's the use of that money if one fails to have a life?

Did you do ANY work in your past, and did you show any interest that MIGHT be useful to him (I did program stuff not just on university but was interested in it privately, so it was a huge plus) 3.

then it comes to "gap holes" in your potential CV 4. Pay note that having a degree in computer science and a two year gap and nothing in #1 or #2 is a huge turn off for any employee. And if you want to start it well in something like computer science, smaller but well-organized company is the way to go to both improve yourself AND learn something.

If you're lucky, they might even be starched and ironed. Let's be real: a 28 year-old male who still lives at home isn't exactly a hot commodity. Do you really want other women clamoring for dates with your Chris Pine look-alike? The possibility of being caught in the act is sexy as hell.