Lloyd dating angela simmons

Her magazine was targeted for the youths of age between 14-19, which included topics, related to teen, style, music and also, fashion that was shared within the magazine, Word Up.Also, fashion tips and in-depth celebrity “ugly duckling” interviews were also included in the magazine.Llyod is waaayy betta becuz he is Grown, Sexy, And Mature and No 1 Never hears any rumors About Him..

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One minute he was acting like they were together the next he wasn’t – it was really childish.” angela you are so sweet but l think you should stay with bow wow because he wants you and you want him but l can,t tell you how to date because you have to follow your heart on matter who tell you to like. Bow Wow is having too much fun to be catering to Angela, though she deserves it.

I’m not so sure about Lloyd though but whatever happens I hope she’s happy with whoever she wants.

Angela was also starred in the MTV reality series called Run’s House with her sister and father who was the founding member of the iconic hip-hop group Run DMC.

Angela Simmons has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million.

Her father is Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and mother is Valerie Vaughn. The celebrity has brown hair and brown colored eyes.