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Here are the links to all the telugu sex stories on exbii in no particular order.

If you find any missing link or if you write a new story, feel free to post your link on this page and i will update the list.

For long just like NTR and CHIRU Best hero in the world and top hero number 1 hero Jr. Beauty flower is there no use, without smell, but jr ntr proved that he is beautiful flower and good acting of odour. He is not great, his teacher are great who thought all those things. His movies are very enjoyable movies and he is very hard work person, with out any film background. There is no need to portray women as sex symbols to make a hit film.

He has DIE-HARD fan following because of VERSATILE ACTING, MARSHAL-ARTS FIGHTS, STYLES, TREND SETTER, different Mannerisms. NOW he is most popular NO: 1 SUPER STAR IN INDIA not only as CINEMA HERO but also personally by his Inspiring thoughts, simple behaviour, like a saint, maintaining individuality, unnecessarily no comments on others. PAVAN KALYAN IS DIFFERENT BRAND AMONG INDIAN SUPER STARS. PROUD TO BE AN INDIANWE PROUD TO BE A FAN OF PAVAN KALYANPAVAN KALYAN IS BRAND AMONG ALL THE SUPERSTARS ..He is natural star and he is areal star Mahesh Babu HE is the Badshah An D handsome hunk, Perfect all rounder In acting The Best brand Ambassadorial Superstar Prince Mahesh is the BEST! Mahesh also has the highest number of girl fans just like me There are many words to describe him: Tall, Handsome, Young, Charming, Cute, Cool, Awesome, Terrific, Extraordinary, Attractive, Brave, Unbeatable... He is the handsome stylish hunk of tollywood he has all the quality to rule the tollywood industry within no time... R He brought value to the art, like his grand father, dialogue delivery, rays, navarasa tempo bhavam, the essence of odour all cannot observe and enjoy, he done and left to the public to have the same. Even he s becoming old he s just awesome and handsome like in his teens Ravi Teja True star so realistic acting ravi teja rocks nice actor He is very energetic person. It goes to say that audiences will come to watch films as long as there is good story and is a clean entertainer.

Of course he is the best in Indian Cinema and no one can come close to his mythological roles except for another legendary actor from Telugu cinema, SVR garu for dialogue delivery.

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