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The 0‑­line is marked by a white line, 0.01m wide which extends beyond the outside edges of the uprights.The two uprights must be installed on horizontal bases, level with the 0‑­line, such that each can be moved from the 0‑­line not less than 0.80m towards the landing area (eg on a built‑­in double rail) or in fixed sockets with movable cross bar supports.

In the case of a runway with a permanent surface, this requires a built‑­in installation tray made of corrosion protected metal in which the take‑­off board is correctly positioned.

During sport free periods, the take‑­off board can be removed.

When located outside the track, it is usually constructed as a symmetrical facility with one landing area in the middle of two runways.

When located within a segment, it is usually constructed with two parallel runways with positions for landing areas at each end.

The runway is a minimum of 40m long and is measured from beginning of the runway to the 0‑­line. It is marked by white lines 0.05m wide or broken lines 0.05m wide with a length of 0.1m and a distance of 0.5m.