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These predators draw power from ignorance, and so many have gotten away." The first phase of Nursery Crimes, targets parents of very young children and is about getting this taboo and misunderstood topic into the spotlight, said Teoh.

"We want people to talk about it and we want to drive the microsite to seek information and to seek advice and help via PS the Children, an NGO that is at the forefront of the battle against this abuse." Teoh and his team donated their work to the project pro-bono, along with the production and audio houses involved.

"We could have carried the project, but we don't have all the necessary knowledge," he said.

Audio versions will be broadcast on Astro Radio, which has likewise given free air time to the project.

"We're also in discussions with Astro to see how we can bring this topic to life via their talk shows," said Teoh.

Specific recommendations have been made regarding adoption of legislation on the obligations of Internet service providers in relation to child pornography.

Article 3(1)(c) of the The commercial sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism is a growing problem in destinations all over the world.

This shed light on an issue that many in the strictly religious and rather sheltered nation deny is a problem.