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For instance, does he refuse to put up or share pictures where their face is clearly visible or add you on Facebook?

Or do you feel the opposite person is overly hesitant to share certain details of their life because they might be married or maybe she refuses to meet in person even after chatting for several weeks on end?

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get something more meaningful out of your online dating experience, don’t hesitate to express your desire to form a deeper emotional connection with your date before engaging in coitus, like Sheldon Cooper would say.

However, avoid sharing your home or work landline numbers because there is no way to guarantee things will end smoothly. Don’t ignore the red flags your instincts keep flashing After spending endless hours staring at your screen, you are excited that you’ve finally met a seemingly attractive and intelligent person.

However, despite the butterflies, are there certain red flags that keep popping up during your conversations on Whats App?

Avoid filling out your dating profile like a CV This should be a no-brainer for everyone but despite that many men (and some women) post their mobile numbers or BBM pins in hopes of getting more messages.

By doing so, you are only putting yourself at the risk of getting spammed, trolled or both with a bunch of unsolicited pictures and messages.

The plus point about adding him on Facebook is that both of you get to see more photos and read about their background and find out about the kind of circles they prefer to hangout in.

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