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I didn’t see the bridal party until after the ceremony and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive to the hotel.

When they arrived, the party was about to begin and they hadn’t been there all day to see any part of the setup! The Terrace Room was setup for the cocktail hour and their guests were greeted by a towering escort card tree that Angela designed all on her own.

They all just kept saying that we made their dreams a reality! She emailed me the next morning asking we could do it all over again and she wouldn’t change a thing! Angela, your style, expertise and organization skills would be valuable to any Plaza Bride!

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Angela and I had a few more meetings that usually included her mother Enza and they always had so much energy and excitement!

Angela would share with me her ideas and I would always agree that they were good ones.

There are some brides that I meet that come to The Plaza thinking that they never thought in a million years they would be looking at this renowned hotel as wedding venue.

However, there are some brides who couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else- Angela Troia was certainly one of the latter, but the first time I met her I had no idea.

While guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, Angela and Agostino went into the Grand Ballroom to check out all the gorgeous white orchid centerpieces by Design House and the extraordinary lighting by Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging.