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From her first foray into public life—on West’s arm—she has been branded by gossip bloggers and social media pundits as everything from whore to slut to gold digger.

More recently, accusations have turned to that of bad mother and bad role model. Is it her candid admission to being a teenaged stripper?

The 31-year-old South Philly native went from supporting her family off stripping at age 15 to becoming a relatively unknown video model.

In 2008, she became Kanye West’s girlfriend and muse.

Or is it simply that she’s demonstrated on social media an unabashed pride in her body and its ability to seduce and titillate—all while being someone’s mother? “I think she's a great person to speak up about the ways we punish women for being decidedly sexual.

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    En réalité, les principaux éléments étaient déjà en place, ce qui est souvent le cas quand on mûrit lentement l’idée d’un film.

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    I took a flight to visit him, we fell in love and my little son and I moved to England to live with him.

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    Personality-wise, Niko is a very down-to-business person, and is very protective when it comes to his family and friends, especially Roman.