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Mercy, to the newly remodeled Burger Baron on West Grand Avenue, where he loves to repose in the fantastical playland they’ve set up out back.

You know what I’m talking about—it’s the one replete with all the well-known characters of our childhood, such as Baron Burger, Viceroy Mc Biscuits, the Fried Guys, the Hot Doggler, Rupert the Sexy Chicken, Grumpus, and Richard Widmark, as “the Mangler.” Like so many of his peers, Chas.…

Let your skin absorb the texture of the very fabric that you are sitting on.

Doing this would very effectively allow your mind to be brought back to the present and you can then go about focusing on your breathingthat meditation has on your physical body.

Hosted by an inspiring, prominent speaker and teacher, Sister Jenna, Director of the Meditation Museums in MD & VA.