Michael fassbender dating

He appeared in Angel (UK title: The Real Life of Angel Deverell), about the rise and fall of an eccentric young British writer (played by Romola Garai) in the early 20th century.Fassbender plays her love interest, an average painter named Esmé.

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He played the character of Azazeal in both series of Hex on Sky One and starred as the main character in the music video for the song "Blind Pilots," by the British band The Cooper Temple Clause.

In the video, he plays the part of a man out with friends on a stag night who slowly transforms into a goat due to wearing a cowbell necklace.

In 2015, he produced the western Slow West, in which he also starred.

He decided that he wanted to be an actor at age 17 when he was cast in a play by Donal Courtney.

One year after his success at the Cannes Film Festival with Hunger, he appeared in two films.