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Open seven days a week, this deli and general store is little more than a mile from historic downtown Brattleboro.

The sheer scope of the town's global cuisines makes it worth a visit.

A native Yucatán family prepares Mayan meals at Three Stones Restaurant; a Turkish chef slings kebabs at Turquoise Grille.

The trip played out like one long episode of "Cheers." Almost boisterous in its friendliness, Vermont's gateway town is the kind of place where bars remain open long after last call so patrons can watch the end of an overtime game; where a mother and son commiserate over a game of checkers in a sunlit vegan café.

Even with all the trappings of a tight-knit community, the town exudes a hometown feel that's neither parochial nor exclusive; it welcomes guests with casual grace.

We wondered how much that was due to weather, and how much to word still having not gotten out.