Moorcroft dating

Unusual forms in otherwise commonly encountered patterns will command a premium.This silver mounted clock in the big poppy or anemone pattern, 6in (15cm) high, sold for £5800 at Tennants of Leyburn in November 2010.Examples of William’s work are rarer and more sought after, and therefore usually more valuable.

‘MOORCROFT BURSLEM’ (1914 - 1916) Moorcroft started using his own impressed marks in 1914. ‘MOORCROFT BURSLEM ENGLAND’ (1916 - 1918) The word ‘ENGLAND’ was added in 1916 to comply with international regulations. Paper Label (1928 - 1936) Label inscription is 'Potter to H. I hope it has answered some of the questions in your mind.

'MOORCROFT MADE IN ENGLAND' (1918 - 1928) In 1918 the word 'BURSLEM' was dropped, and 'MADE IN ENGLAND' was added to comply with U. If you did find it helpful, please consider awarding it your helpfulness vote by way of the voting button below.

Since 1962, when the Moorcroft family bought out Liberty, the pottery has had a chequered ownership history but has continued to produce wares in the distinctive tube-lined style.

Sally Tuffin (now of Dennis Chinaworks) produced designs for Moorcroft between 19 while in 1993, 24-year-old Rachel Bishop joined Moorcroft as only its fourth designer in almost a century.

Within a year he was in charge of the company's ornamental ware department and, by 1904, the Art Nouveau-influenced Florian Ware that perfected the technique of trailing slip known as tube-lining had won him a gold medal at the St Louis International Exhibition.