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For exponential results, it’s about going the extra mile, even when no one is watching. The attendees walk away with a new feeling of passion for what means the most to them and how they can apply that to both their personal and professional lives.

Motivational speaker and performance guru Jon Petz helps leaders, teams and organizations perform at their best. Check date availability Motivational speaker programs We could not have asked for a better motivational speaker for sales events.

He is a business motivational speaker that brings an engaging, energizing and entertaining keynote experience and shares how we each can own our unique moments to create significance in our work and lives. Jon brought an amazing level of energy and creativity to kick off our North and South American sales years.

In our customer review and experience driven world, simply meeting an expectation is like doing nothing at all.

This program will create desire for personal accountability to make our mundane or everyday actions memorable and magnificent so people tell our story.

Some of the motivational speakers can be a former comedian or magician.