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provides real-time quotes for stocks listed on the New York, American, Nasdaq and Toronto stock exchanges.

Retail quotes are also available for option contracts listed on OPRA.

It follows nearly the same logic as the original Money code in terms of updating this information, and includes data such as last, change, open, high, low, 52 week high, 52 week low, PE, market cap and volume.

It also handles pounds to pence price conversions for you UK users.

Still using Microsoft Money but tired of manually entering quote/price information? Hi, I’m Dan and I'm a former Microsoft employee who worked on the Microsoft Money product and MSN Money website for almost a decade (1999 – 2009).

I was the software developer who built the Portfolio Manager for both products, worked on the quote services that powered them, and in 2009 built the Money-to-Quicken Converter for Intuit.

Then you can download MSMoney and can place it on whatever computers you need. If I make future updates, bug fixes, enhancements, I’ll notify you and you’ll be free to get the updated program without paying again.