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She came to New York in 1985 when While the majority of her work over the past 20 years has been at the MTV television network, where she’s held a variety of production executive positions, Lazin continues to direct films.

She’s chosen topics that have earned her awards and rave reviews from diverse political organizations.

We’ve even given our films to schools and libraries.” Lazin shared with me numerous accounts of MTV programs having a direct impact on the issues they addressed, and on teenagers’s lives.

In 1995, for example, she produced a film about child sexual abuse, , which brings to life newly discovered diaries written by teenagers during the Holocaust, many of whom were peers of Anne Frank.

Most recently, Lazin took a leave of absence to direct MTV Film’s first feature-length documentary, .

The film traces the life story of Tupac Shakur, the celebrated rap artist who was gunned down in Las Vegas in 1996 while driving with his record-company owner, Marion “Suge” Knight.

In comparison to other so-called documentary series that are totally waste of time, such as the Cathouse and G-string diva series, this TV series is much better, directly, honestly, and bravely facing something explicit, which results in making this TV series rated NC-17 instead of the R-rated Cathouse series and G-string diva series.