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The flaws they point out get written up by journalists, fixed by companies, and addressed by lawmakers who are worried about the economic impact of insecure products.

The skills of the hackster-trickster are now understood to be incredibly valuable.

The guy who became everyone's first friend on the old-school website posted a rare selfie of himself via Instagram nearly two years ago — and it's just making the rounds now. PHOTOS: Stars go nude on Instagram Anderson may have moved on, but his page is still verified.

PHOTOS: '90s nostalgia Anderson, 44, helped develop the music and social networking site back in 2003 with Chris De Wolfe, but left in 2009. (Justin Timberlake invested in the Myspace relaunch back in 2011.) "Former first friend; I'm not working of the company now, y'all," his bio reads.

“I had never written a virus before,” Kamkar says now.