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It didn't seem logical enough, but after the first month of meeting new classmates at the Volkshochschule [adult evening classes] I realized I was not in the minority but the majority.

Every year thousands and thousands of people make a leap of faith to forgo everything that is normal to them for love.

The town is famous for its Schwebebahn [monorail] and tourist promo aside, it really is a lovely way to get around and see the city, literally from above.

What brought you to Germany and how long have you been here?

In my class, there were people from Latvia, Brazil, America, England, Mexico, Dominica, and Kenya – that was in a class of 15 - all to be with German partners.

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    Along with the great atmosphere there is a wonderful staff that regulate the negativity that all chats would bring.

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    What we don't have are many couple friends and that's my fault.

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    Help & Support All online dating sites should offer a way to ask questions if you have them, especially with any potential safety concerns about other site users.