Nfs not updating ctime

@smazurov I'm also using PHPStorm and have absolutely no issue with it. I think that has something to do with the guest OS/box, since I did not have to specify "nolock" with a different box.

In fact I do not even have to hit save with PHPStorm - it saves files all the time as you type and NFS has no issues seeing those changes.

This function lets you modify creation, last access, and last write times without changing the content of the file.

You can compare the times of different files by using the Compare File Time function.

The only guarantee about a file time stamp is that the file time is correctly reflected when the handle that makes the change is closed.

Not all file systems can record creation and last access times, and not all file systems record them in the same manner.

I have noticed that changes to files on the host to do not always propagate to their corresponding shared file on the guest.