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Because we've been out of the game for so long we couldn't have expectations."Well, music is consumed in a completely different way now than it was back in the '90s.Natalie: "The benchmarks are different now - of success.

He stated: “The level of expenditure...although at very high level and arguably unwise in the context of the parties’ then actual income, was nonetheless in accordance with the sums that have been born by both parties prior to the breakdown of the relationship.” The judge agreed that ordinary members of the public might regard what both Mr Gallagher and Miss Appleton were spending as profligate.

Justice O’Dwyer stated: “The financial circumstances of husband and wife in this case are very remote from the circumstances of most people who have to live on much lower incomes.” But he added: “We are not dealing with absolutes.

But the former All Saints singer was cleared of allegations that she had indulged in what her husband claimed was extravagant or “wanton expenditure”.

It was found that Miss Appleton had simply spent what she had grown accustomed to as the wife of a global rock star who had herself enjoyed chart success with her music.

Back in our day you did and you'd done it, you'd made it.