Nina dobrev on dating ian somerhalder 100 dating in france

Things have reportedly gotten so bad that fans of the show are now worried that the series could come to a premature end because of Nina and Ian’s constant fighting.

Nina Dobrev was romantically linked to hunks such as Orlando Bloom, Derek Hough, and Liam Hemsworth, while Ian Somerhalder’s love life stayed out of the media until he began dating Nikki Reed.

The actress, who is best known for her role in the contestant Paul Mac Donald, and had known Ian and Nina together as a couple.

Michaela tweeted multiple times in the lead-up to Ian’s presentation, writing, Hmmm…

so while Michaela was busy tweeting about Ian’s congress appearance, Nina was on vacation and taking selfies.

However, now that Nina is reportedly dating one of Ian’s close friends, Mark Foster, of the band Foster The People, the former couple’s feud seems to be heating up yet again.