No credentials cache found while validating credentials

Log in to a target client machine on which you wish to use HSI.If you execute a klist command to list your tickets on a Linux system, you might see the following if you have no tickets.But still the problem persists, thus I'm asking for help here...

no credentials cache found while validating credentials-34

kpasswd—Allows you to change your Kerberos password.

The system will request your current password before allowing you to enter and confirm a new password. Defaults, output, and some syntax can differ between Kerberos clients, so refer to the man pages on the machine you are using to confirm the details. For these examples, assume a user "someuser" with uid (scientist number) 1234.

To use HSI on some NCAR systems that are outside of the Yellowstone environment, you will need to use Kerberos credentials as described here. You will get an error if you try to invoke Kerberos commands within HSI. Once you have authenticated with Kerberos, you can invoke hsi and it won't ask you for anything further during your HSI session.

klist—Lists your and both current and expired HSI tickets.

If you aren't authenticated, and you invoke HSI, it will execute a kinit for you, and the KDC will prompt you for your Kerberos principal and password.