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The Mountain Air Resort has been in the same location for nearly 70 years but posted the billboard advertisement in the past few months.

The resort caters to families with children of all ages and offers free tours and first time stays.

He painted my toenails and gave me a cool anklet and a toe ring, and before I reached puberty my feet seemed almost as erotic to me as my private parts. I love long, almost finger-like toes and high arches. I went to school to be a councilor so the actual program is legit. The purpose was for teens who live in nudist families or who are interested in the life style, but aren't yet comfortable about the nudity part of it.

I once knew a girl who could come from having her toes sucked. I don't care for submissive men, so I've not been with many men who were into my feet; most men who've liked them haven't been my type. but it has a 10 fence around it there no way unless you tore it down could you see in it and it has a big blue tarp thing covering the fence around the entire thing. Both teens and parents had to sign permission forms and waivers, for the kids to attend.

Photo galleries don't have any zip files for saving the sets which is also disappointing. For original content and a site that's been around for such a long time the content details are surprisingly slim.